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Sunday, December 12, 2010

St. Barts

St. Bart's.
The one place in this world that I have to get back to before my time is up. It was everything that you would expect of a Caribbean island and then some. The St. Jean side of the island had a beautiful bay with white sand beaches, palm trees, and some great beach bars to just lounge around ,soak up some rays, enjoy a rum drink, and watch the scenery.....

I remember taking a ride to the St. Jean side(beach and bay)  driving over a very narrow, twisting, turning road past the airport. The airport is known for its very short runway . The planes have to come in so low that it looks like the cars have to literally duck to get out of their way on their landing approach. If you have a convertible you may be able to count the rivets on the underside of the wing....really.

Well, that just about recounts my one and only day on beautiful St.Bart's. However I did have lunch at a very special bar/pub and that will be my next blog.

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