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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gustavia:My One Particular Harbor

Gustavia, St. Bart's.....Its memory still brings back the beauty of what I think the Caribbean stands for. The Poly's launches(small boats) ferried us passengers back and forth to all the islands we visited. But none has given me more fond memories than this island and its capital and port, Gustavia.

 Both French and Swedish influences abound on  St. Barts. From the French style police(gendarmes) to the tiny European cars, European architecture,and to the beautiful beaches where skin is in. St. Barts was a welcoming touch of Europe in the Caribbean. After getting our passports stamped by the gendarmes(police) we headed off to explore the town and all it offered.

The scent of a bakery filled the air as we walked down one of the streets to visit the shops that beckoned the tourists. A small delivery van sat parked on the street that looked as if it just came out of an episode of one of the Bourne movies. It surely was not a Ford, Chevy, or even a Nissan.
I do not know what brand it was but it looked very Parisian!

After visiting Gustavia we headed off in a taxi to visit some of the beautiful beaches that St. Bats is known for. We will pick it up from here tomorrow.

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