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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who really reads this?

I guess being so new to this "blogging" thing I am not sure who reads these entries, if anyone reads them at all. As I look at other "blogs" I am amazed when I see one that looks totally lame and they have a ton of followers listed. I have seen  "blogs" about painted plates, religious convictions, clothes, shoes,being an expatriate,pottery, being a homemaker, etc, etc,etc.....Tons of comments and followers..what's up with that?

I guess what I am getting at is how do I build up my travel adventure blog....That is  the question that I am constantly asking myself. Maybe I will figure it out one day soon. I'll wake up one morning and it will hit me like the proverbial flash of light.That light bulb will turn on, kind of like what you see in cartoons with a shining bulb above the main character's head....(ala Charlie Brown)

Well, tomorrow we'll get back to posting travel adventures, but tonight was just a little rambling.......

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