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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bahamas Out Islands

That first Windjammer cruise was a wonderful experience. We visited four islands plus Nassau and Freeport. Some of the islands were very small, really off the radar. And I do literally do mean off the radar.

On Gorda Cay we were treated to a spaghetti luncheon on the beach. I remember going snorkeling in the crystal clear waters and seeing barracudas come swimming up between us to check  out what was going on. A little nerve wracking at first but after the swam by you and left you alone it was pretty cool. While we(the passengers) were enjoying lunch a small plane circled around a few time to see what was going on. Some of the crew members said it was just the "ganja" planes making sure all was cool before they landed.

I remember on Spanish Wells there was this little hole-in-the wall bar/restaurant called Walton's Langousta Bar. I don't know how many customers they had in a day but I am sure the Fantome's passengers made up for the lack of islanders when we stopped by.

I will account for the crazy and hurried evacuation from one of the islands due to a major thunderstorm in my next blog. Adios......

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