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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Poly trip

The cruise on the Poly was in many ways different from the Fantome. First off ,the island were totally different. All were much larger with more to see and do than on the Bahama's Out Islands.

All the islands we visited-St.Martin, St. Kitts, Saba, and St.Eustasius(Statia), and St. Barts were true tourist attractions. They all had historical structures to visit, forts etc... But that was not all. While St.Martin and St.Barts are true Caribbean vacation destinations with their beaches, shopping, and bars/restaurants Saba and Statia were not. At least back then.

Saba was beautiful. Very mountainous with no real beach. It is a volcanic rock. The roads were very narrow. Kind of like what you see in a Tour de France bike race without all the people. I remember getting a taxi at the docks, a VW bus, with a few of my fellow passengers and taking a hair raising ride up narrow, winding roads through the mountains. The town we visited was very tiny from what I can remember. The hotel where we stopped to eat was cozy , intimate,with a pool that had a view to die for.

There were a couple of shops where the locals made beautiful handicrafts for sale. It was a nice island to escape civilization for sure. It you wanted nightlife and bars, well this island is not for you.

More on this island and others in my next post.

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