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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday respite

Well I hope everyone had a great turkey day. It was a good start to a four day weekend. Something we can all use a little more of.

Well my next cruise was on the Fantome's sister ship, the S.V. Polynesia(Poly). She was built in 1938 and was one of the last of the great Portuguese Grand Banks fleet. Beautifully refurbished and renamed the" Poly" by Windjammer she was a sight for any sailor's eyes.

For this cruise we stayed a couple of days in Phillipsburg, Saint Martin awaiting our departure. The Dutch side of this beautiful island is incredible with gorgeous beaches and great tropical scenery. Phillipsburg is a wonderful place with some excellent bars and restaurants and duty free shops.

While our departure was not nearly as dramatic as our leaving Nassau on the Fantome it still made for an incredible, almost movie like beginning to a great Caribbean adventure. I will have more on it later....

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