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Saturday, November 20, 2010


I would have to say that two of the best vacations I ever had when I was single was with the Windjammer Barefoot Cruises. I cruised with them twice. The first time was aboard the S.V. Fantome and the second time was aboard the S.V. Polynesia(the Poly).

The Fantome sadly sank a few years ago during a Hurricane in the western Caribbean with about 30 crew members aboard. She was the flagship of their small but beautiful fleet. She was 282' long with a sparkling white and blue hull and four masts that proudly showed off her 13 sails when underway. Originally built for the Duke of Westminster. She was purchased by Aristotle Onassis as a gift for Princess Grace and Prince Ranier. Fully refurbished she was ready for her life in the Caribbean. The Fantome accommodated 126 passengers who would set sail for adventure.

The captain for the Fantome was Wynn Jones who looked and acted the part of a rogue sailor. Long straggly,blond hair and a pair of sideburns commonly referred to as pork chops.With his English accent he could have played a part in any one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

When we left our port of call ,Nassau that July of 1981,there were at least 3 other cruise ships docked. They were the real cruise ships. Huge ships catering to hundreds, probably thousands of travelers who wanted nothing to do with a small sailboat. Ah, but this small sailboat was only for the hearty and adventurous vacationer. As we (the crew and passengers) prepared the Fantome to leave port, the Captain turned up the ships stereo full blast as we hoisted the sails to Amazing Grace. What a sight it was . Literally hundreds of the cruise ship passengers clung to the handrails to watch us get underway. A flashback to the day when sails not steam ruled the oceans.

To this day I have always remembered the feeling that song evoked as we left port and headed out to sea. There were four Bahamas Out Islands awaiting this adventurous crew and we'll have more on that tomorrow.

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